Blackfeet Indian Reservation 2007-07-13 Part 1

Blackfeet Indian Reservation 2007-07-13 Part 1

Please follow those videos to explore the beauty of Blackfeet Indian Reservation and POW-WOW in Montana,USA.
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24 thoughts on “Blackfeet Indian Reservation 2007-07-13 Part 1”

  1. my great grandmother was 100% blackfoot, my grandpa was 50, he just passed
    away right before thanksgiving.. r.i.p. g.grandma & grandpa

  2. My grandfather was Blackfoot/Cherokee. My grandmother was Saponi. Great to
    see we are still around eh

  3. LOL anybody catch the Lil Native American girl in blue she at 5:09 was so
    cute LOL. Big Fan of the Native Culture alive Brave people.

  4. This is soo cool! I have blackfoot on dads side(my grandmother) and Mohawk
    from my grandfather on my dads side. I also have canadian indian on my moms
    side i’m not sure which tribe. All my cousin’s are tan but i’m pale lol

  5. I’m very proud of my Blackfoot heritage. I’m what you would call a
    “half-breed” but it doesnt stop me from representing both of my
    cultures.Hopefully one day others will see what great things we have done
    for our country and recognize it more.

  6. my father did a blood brother ceremony with a blackfoot chief. i may not be
    have blackfoot blood by ancestry but im proud of what my father did. i have
    a question tho..why do i see men in kilts? is there some sort of relation
    between scots and blackfeet? id like to know cuz im very scottish lol

  7. @Selenaencarnation i noe that but maybe those guys have scottish blood in
    em…i noe a kilt when i see not gunna watch the video again just
    to find the scene with kilted doods in it but its there and its kindof a
    parade scene i think..just watch

  8. Im Kicakpoo and Navajo Desendant I also do not let anything stop me from
    who iam even if i look white. I use to get teased alot by other native kids
    growing up becasue I didnt look native. 🙁 Although I have my tribal id
    that still didnt help any very much. But still proud of who iam.

  9. im african american and blackfeet indian but my dad did give us to much
    info on his side of his hertagae but i remember my grandmother would scream
    at the kids dat would make fun of my colour and eyes and my skin waz dark
    and hair waz long and different she would say be proud that ur a blackfeet
    and she showned me lots of ways to heal pep from the earthe and dance so im
    proud but lost

  10. I wish I could go there because I want to know more about my Native
    American tribe.

  11. I know im 3 thangs cause im different then my sisters long wave black
    shiney hair high cheeks bones nose a little not that long lol my mother
    told me im mix with 3 thangs on both side but pops told me indain i know
    its a lot thats why im look cause im dont look full blood my kids even good
    curling waveing black shiney hair . Help me fine if anybody knows its a
    comfort to me and my kids

  12. I have an ancestor who is from the Blackfoot tribe. I think Indians are
    such handsome people. I would marry one cause I figure….I’d like to
    spend the rest of my life looking at something like that!!!

  13. Never be ashamed of your Native heritage! Be Proud of your Native blood and
    always embrace it! The Indian Nation lives forever as long as we remember
    who we are and where we came from!

  14. These are very humbling pictures of the Blackfeet Res. Although I do not
    live there it makes me reminisce. I have been back for many ceremonies and
    pow wows. Im a relative of the Blackfeet Nation and love the Indian Days my
    Mother and Father have brought me to since I was just a Kid. Beautiful
    County. Beautiful People. Beautiful Culture. 

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