“We Are Still Here” — A Documentary on Today’s Young Native Americans

“We Are Still Here” — A Documentary on Today’s Young Native Americans

What is today’s young Native American’s life like? What are the challenges they are facing? How the historical traumas influenced their life? This short documentary touches on these topics and tells the story of the three unique young Native Americans from Minnesota.

25 thoughts on ““We Are Still Here” — A Documentary on Today’s Young Native Americans”

  1. Im really sad about Native Americans , also I really hate US > they been
    killing people in the American continent and outside since their country
    founded. Above that , they judging Muslims as a terrorist hahaha thats
    shameful America , seriously US destroying the world and humanity in
    silent way. Most of the world problems caused by merica. 

    Please don’t let the US break you… Preserve your culture, reproduce
    amongst each other and don’t let them assimilate you into their culture.
    You have every right to be on your own land, the land of your forefathers,
    and fight the racist american system. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

  3. The transition from hunter-gatherer culture to what they were in the 19th
    century took the Europeans many thousands of years, yet they expected the
    native Americans to make the same transition in less than a hundred years
    in many instances, all this whilst ignoring the fact that the native tribes
    were more than happy with their way of life and in no hurry to change it.

  4. Reproduce amongst yourselves, don’t mix with non-natives, and preserve your
    culture. That is the only way for your culture and heritage to survive.

  5. I am happy to see so many young Native Americans nurturing their heritage.
    Their story is sad, but of course, unsung. I wish our children were like
    these young people. 

  6. Pedro Flores you are naive for saying that Mexicans say they’re
    Europeans… I’m A Proud Mexica or Mexican like you said… But I am not
    European nor do I ever claim to be… Genocide was committed against my
    Ancestors & those who survived were forced to assimilate to European
    culture & religion! & although much of our true history was destroyed our
    reality cannot be! Many of my people know our truths & are learning our
    forgotten past… “The People Of The Sun Are Awakening” MEXICA PRIDE!!!

  7. its always the men who suffer most…they are destroyed..become
    alcoholics…other women won’t mix with them…they have been crashed by
    the dominant males(white)..they have no money/jobs. females they never
    worry all they do is have sex to survive..with the white men. 

  8. I’m a full blooded Native American im 16 southwestern Pueblo native. My
    ancestors came from Anasazi frame Mesa verde. Native Pride ! 

  9. “You call it Thanks Giving. I call your holiday Hellday, cuz I’m from
    poverty neglected by the wealthy.” – “My Country” by Nas

  10. Really, all the Latinos with obvious aboriginal heritage should always
    embrace their Aztec, Maya or whatever heritage they have cuz the
    United States desperately wants them to be *white* so that group can
    maintain its dominance.

  11. Not to offend but I can’t help but notice that some of them really look
    like Asian, especially the girl at 0:30

  12. Why is it that “Native Americans” claim heritage only to the North
    Americans? You kiddin’? Because those other “Native Americans” down in S.
    America — still dining on human flesh — won’t ever be kissed.

    And you wouldn’t wipe your feet with that sort of trash. What solar system
    you live in? Kidding me? Let’s get some white power tearin’ ’round this
    sick ball.

  13. Their story sounds really like aboriginal people’s in Australia. The only
    difference is that Australian government recognises their past faults and
    apologises for the genocides and everything else.

  14. LMFAO an Asian, A white mixed Mexican, and a white girl talking about what
    it’s like to be Native American. Pathetic. Native American by blood are
    extinct. Most of them are white.

  15. I’m from north/central Minnesota, of Gaelic, Scandinavian and German stock,
    and I support Native American culture.

  16. +Burhan the Somali if i visit a native tribe in south america are they
    gonna do something to me?

  17. I love how Native Americans can only talk shit on a computer and can’t do
    jack all. While you are on the computer, the “white man” is still gaining
    money and power. They are moving forward while you bums are stuck in front
    of your computer in some rundown reservation. This is why I don’t take
    Native American serious. If you deeply want to make a change, college is
    your first step then the next is to create a business which will generate
    revenue exclusively for your community. Third is U.S politic. Brain and
    money is the weapon that can be use to make a big change.

  18. Quick question to any Native Americans about a conversation I had with a
    friend recently. Is it true that most of you prefer the term “American
    Indian”, because I’ve actually never heard it used before?

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